CONSTRUCOLOR® guarantees the constancy in quality control in the manufacturing of its products. All information, recommendation and suggestion provided by CONSTRUCOLOR® in relation to its products, are obtained through controlled testing; nonetheless, all conditions of use and application of our products, as well as the interpretation of information remain under complete control of the user and not CONSTRUCOLOR®. Hence, the need for the user to previously test our products and information so that they can atest to their own satisfaction if they are convenient for the uses and applications they require, which is why CONSTRUCOLOR® does not offer any express or implicit warranty over the obtained results. 

Privacy & Safety

Construcolor USA, Ltd, otherwise known as Construcolor USA, Ltd, with an address in San Antonio, Texas in the United Stated of America and internet webpage www.construcolor.com, is responsible for the use and protection of your personal data, concerning the statement mentioned before, we inform you of the next: 


¿With what purpose are we using your personal data?

We will use your personal data for the following secondary purposed that are not required for the requested service, but that allow and enable us to provide you with a better attention: 

  • Marketing purposes

  • Commercial analysis 


In case you do not want your personal information to be used for these secondary purposes, from this moment on you may communicate what was stated before by sending a e-mail to: sales@construcolor.com or simply, by not answering the formulary found in the contact page. 

Your negative response for the use of your personal information won’t be a motive for us to deny the services and products you request or hire with us. 


If you desire to know more about prices and shippings to Mexico or the United States, you may contact us via e-mail: 


You can also reach us at 210 714 3488 to have direct contact with one of our sales advisors, you can also reach us through the formulary found in the contact page. 


Payment Methods


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