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  • Daniela Jiménez

5 Apps For Architects Working From Home

Home office can be a challenge for many but self-distancing during the XXI century has it's advantages. These 5 applications are ideal for helping architects working from home, check them out. You'll love them!

1. Construction Master Pro

This app will help you do precise calculations, it's even better than using a traditional calculator. It helps you estimate areas, volumes, etc and can be used on-site and at home.

2. SketchBook

This app was designed to offer an authentic drawing experience, it has all the necessary tools such as pencils, brushes and markers that will make your design feel authentic. It has perspective guides that will help you sketch during the initial phases of your design.

3. Morpholio Trace

This application lets you sketch over drawings, you'll be able to create layers, save them and edit them as you need. It gives you the option to add comments or photographs and is very practical for those initial phases of design.

4. AutoCAD 360

This app allows the user to open AutoCAD or Revit files from their cellphone. You'll be able to easily create new conceptual models from your phone and then easily export them to your computer.

5. PlanRadar

This app lets you create tickets for specific functions, priorities and deadlines about a specific project. All who are working on the project will be able to easily communicate and stay on the same page, hence reducing costs, mistakes and time to a minimum.

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