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A More Efficient Construction: Prescient

Edificio moderno

In the construction world, efficiency is everything. Efficiency means saving money, time and resources; unfortunately growth rhythm in this area is of 1% per year. To achieve efficiency, the manufacturing world has advanced much more rapidly when it comes to technology, modular construction or prefabricated pieces have become a trend when builders are looking to save time but it's still very far from becoming the norm. It does not only eliminate some of the manual labor that up till now were obligatory, it has also diminished unnecessary risks in construction sites and the division among architects, engineers and contractos has practically disappeared, hence, improving overall performance.

Prescient® is a company that developed a software that allows absolute integration of all the areas within a digital platform which they call a digital thread, in this thread, design, planning, manufacturing and installation, all live under the same roof. This innovative technology provides many advantages since it diminished the cost per project, all systems are completely integrated hence reducing construction time among other things. Prescient® is not only a platform, they also have their own system to manufacture prefabricated pieces that allows them to create the design in real life, just as it was planned and designed from the beginning.

Escalera con prefabricados

This company is trying to make the Construction Information Model reach its maximum potential, their program allows for all details of engineering and design to be captured in a 3D model since the first stages of the planning process. It also allows architects to design the structure by using a patented plug-in called Autodesk® Revit® that doesn't change the way they originally work. The structure starts virtually building itself by collecting contributions from all teams, hence avoiding errors and taking into account observations other members might have.

They also take have an ecologic manufacturing process that is extremely precise and allows for the modular pieces to be of the highest quality, this also means that they have exact specifications and dimensions of each and every component so that the design can be taken from virtual to solid form without problem. They use roll production formers, welding robots and CNC perforation machines to create their pieces. When using Prescient® a lot of time is saved in the construction site because the structures don't have to be built from the ground up, they're assembled.

arquitectura con prefabricados

To achieve the final structure to be an exact replica of the virtual model, Prescient® uses a smart-grid that is applied to both models, virtual and real life, this allows for easy and efficient installation. The installation of their structures is done in 4 steps:

1. The HSS posts are installed at the base and the superior level posts are connected using a patented connection with the first.

2. The wall panels are locked between the posts using 6 standard bolts.

3. Open network trusses are installed 2 ft. to the center.

4. The substrate is 1 inch thick of a cementitious board or light concrete that is installed by assemblage.

This way, the structure is brought up exactly as it was designed, saving time, money and resources. An interesting fact is that the majority of Construcolor®'s products may be used to do this type of constructions and save even more time. Our products are integrally mixed with the concrete or mortar mixtures and can color, seal and waterproof pieces before they're even installed and during the manufacturing process not adding any more time to it.

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