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Colored Solution: Liquid-Gel Integral Pigments

¿What are Construcolor®'s Liquid Gel Integral Pigments?

They are pigments that come in a thixotropic gel presentation, they're solvent free and eco-friendly, they¡re manufactured under the most strict quality standards. Depending on their chemical nature, each pigment is identified under the B01, B02, B03 and B04 codes.

B01 and B04 pigments are reds, yellows and black iron oxides, as well as carbon black and titanium dioxide, which is white. Their combinations render brown, green, beige and golden tones, among others. The iron oxides and titanium dioxide are not affected by extreme outdoor conditions; although, carbon black must be sealed when the surface is meant to be exposed under running water, like rain.

Pigments that have organic compounds as a base are identified under the code B02, these pigments achieve very intense colors and are recommended for interiors and areas that won't be exposed to direct sunlight since they tend to be affected by UV rays.

B03 pigments are a mixture of B01 and B02 pigments, which just as B02 pigments, they're recommended for interior areas.

B01, B02, B03 & B04 pigments may be added to concrete, mortar, clay and plaster, it has an excellent integration quality and effectively achieves uniform colors. If you think that Construcolor®'s Liquid Gel Pigments are only meant to be applied on floors, you'll be surprised to learn that it can be used for precasts or on-site concrete placings, sidewalks, blocks, decorations and sculptures. You can use it in anything you can come up with, our colors are meant to enhance and aid your creativity.

One of the most interesting facts about Construcolor®'s Integral Pigments is that they're really easy to apply. They can be added at any given moment during the fabrication of the mixture, we send buckets with the exact amount of pigment that you'll be needing to cover the surface, hence eliminating a bit of stress from your life.

Since performance is one of the most important factors when our products are mentioned, we are careful to recommend the percentage of product over the weight of the cement in order to help you achieve the exact color you want to achieve. Our Color Chart offers a color guide of the colors and tones that may be achieved, nonetheless these are not the limit because we offer color matching services to help you create the most beautiful surface possible.

¿Why Construcolor®'s Liquid-Gel is the best option for your project? Because we use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture our products, you can be completely sure that you'll obtain the best quality in the market that is backed up by an excellent and quick client service and the best part is that all of this comes at a very affordable and competitive price.

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