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  • Daniela Jiménez

The Venice Biennale 2020


The Venice Biennale is one of the most important contemporary exhibitions of art and architecture now a days, for its celebration to take place it requires a unique year-long planning. Paolo Baratta, La Biennale di Venezia president and Hashim Sarkin, curator of the XVIII International Exhibition, announced that the theme for next years celebration is: How will we live together?, "We need a new spatial contract. In the context of expansion of political divisions and increasing economical inequality, we asked architects to imagine spaces in which we can all live generously.", said Sarkis.

The 2020 theme explores architecture as a material, spatial and cultural field, they intend to encourage architects to work hand in hand with other experts for the creation of their pieces. They may work with constructors, politicians and scientists among others so that the role the architect plays as a convenor and custodian of the spatial contract is recognized. It is expected that the spatial proposals, in spite of the growing individuality of human beings, promotes the connections among them through real spaces and digital mediums.

It is expected to see proposals of homes that search for more diverse and dignified spaces, they expect for more equality to be promoted. This means that there might be spaces for communities to practice these values and promote inclusion through political frontiers like community.

It has been proved that architecture is promoting the trend to create homes and public spaces in which the best of society and its values are palpable, these proposals will demonstrate that team work of several experts in different areas can inspire observers to practice and incarnate these values.

Considering that it has been said more than once that we're in search of a better future, it is expected that no only will this proposals be put out there as an idea but that they'll live on as a reality. Many cities and nations have projected a "2020 Vision" and next year, Venice is looking to make that ideal representation a reality and confront it in a trascendental, creative and visionary way.

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