Humidity is one of the most common problems and getting rid of it or, preferably, preventing it can be a challenge. Construcolor® offers a range of products that directly target humidity prevention, hence offering a permanent solution to problems related to humidity problems. 


This product develops repellence to the absorption and out-letting of liquid water, although it allows it in its vaporous form. It eliminates saltpeter permanently.

This products application in extremely ample, it develops repellence and out-letting of water while allowing it in its vaporous form. It also provides hardness, resistance and strong adherence to mortar and mixtures to which its applied.

This product was developed to create a barrier to the pass of liquid water in vertical surfaces, it also avoids the absorption of liquid water and avoids saltpeter. It diminishes water based paints consumption and prolongues their lives.


Developed to seal vertical or horizontal surfaces, it penetrates pores to provide water repellence. It has an excellent resistance to abrasion and when dry, it creates a thin non-yellowing, transparent coat that has dust repelling properties.

This product provides waterproofing under the surface, its water repellent active ingredient penetrates up to .39 in. under the surface. It's a high elasticity and strong adherence to surfaces sealer that prevents saltpeter.

This sealer works perfectly as a curing membrane, sealer and dust protection on fresh concrete. It was developed for concrete or mortar interiors or exteriors, as well as for vertical or horizontal surfaces.

Sealer and curing membrane meant to be applied over vertical or horizontal surfaces. It has excellent elasticity and elongation properties, which is why its recommended for surfaces that present structural movement or thermal changes.